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Why the Move to Scratchpay Just Makes Sense

by Jeremy Faris, DVM - 6/22/19

We’ve all been there; you’re navigating your way through a busy day at the clinic when you hear a familiar question…”do you offer payment plans?”

I’ve worked in several hospitals during my career and have learned that there are a handful of answers to this question:

  • You might simply say, “no”, because your hospital isn’t a bank.
  • You might offer a medical credit card that requires a hard credit check, even if they aren’t approved.
  • Or one with an application that takes up your staff’s time and ties up your exam rooms.
  • You could offer an option that requires ensuring that every client have a checking account and valid identification.

Or you could simply reply, “Yes. Go to - it’s all there.”

When I opened Port City Animal Hospital one year ago, I took a hard look at every financing option I could find. When I discovered Scratchpay, it was like a breath of fresh air. Our clinic has a vested interest in growing alongside the next generation of tech loving pet parents and Scratchpay truly is a “next gen” financing solution. That is why, despite my staff and I being familiar with a variety of third-party and in-house financing options, I decided that my clinic would only offer Scratchpay.

When I actually offered Scratchpay for the first time the process was so simple that I assumed I had missed something. I was reassured over the phone by a cheerful support team member that this is a common sentiment among clinics finalizing their first Scratchpay transaction (...and that the money would be deposited in my bank account within two business days).

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With Scratchpay, our clients apply entirely on their own, either on their smartphone or our tablet. They get an instant decision. If approved, we treat the patient immediately, and Scratchpay pays me in full, up front. It’s just simple.

Apart from not taking up any of my staff’s time, it eases my mind knowing that my staff are never stuck having to explain confusing and promotional financing terms to our clients. This all amounts to us being able to focus on what matters most, the health of the patient.

Even if you do offer multiple financing options, you should at least offer Scratchpay first, because just applying for Scratchpay has no impact of your clients’ credit. If they’re declined it doesn’t negatively affect their credit score, which would otherwise make it even harder for them to secure another form of financing.

I guarantee you will find Scratchpay to be the fastest, easiest and most transparent payment plan option available. Our clients have responded extremely positively. When approved, clients are shown simple and affordable payment options with clearly stated terms. Scratchpay allows clients to pay off the plan early without any prepayment penalties. They truly are in the business of helping your clients and your hospital.

The vast majority of my clients (even those who already have another financing option available to them) have elected to use Scratchpay when at my clinic, and nearly every single one of them has commented on the simplicity.

The decision to only offer Scratchpay at my clinic has resulted in a happier staff and being able to treat more patients. And after reflecting back on the past year, I can confidently say that for me and my staff it was the right decision, both emotionally and economically.

Dr. Faris is the owner of Port City Animal Hospital in Savannah, GA.. He earned his Bachelor's degree at Virginia Tech in 2005 and graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012. He's crazy about his wife, Janell, and their three children: Madeline, George and Hazel.