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Can Dogs Get Colds?

by Sam Salvati - 8/22/19

No one enjoys the pesky and fast-spreading common cold, and we all have been subjected to its symptoms.

Brought on by a viral infection in our airways, a cold can linger for days, making us cough, sneeze, and feel fatigued. But do dogs get colds? And if so, how do the symptoms manifest in our furry friends?

Respiratory Infections in Dogs

Dogs can catch respiratory infections just like humans.

Despite our vaccines for many common viral infections in dogs, some unvaccinated canines are at risk of contracting viral respiratory infections, such as kennel cough, which is an upper respiratory infection in dogs.

What to Look For: Signs and Symptoms

Primary sick dog symptoms include fatigue, lack of appetite, high breath rate, coughing, and unwillingness to exercise.

If you notice an unusually high breathing rate in your pup while it's resting, you should seek veterinary aid.

Cold Treatment for Dogs

In the case where your dog is showing any of the symptoms listed above, you should visit a veterinarian immediately to get your dog assessed and treated. Although no medical assistance is typically required for dog colds, occasionally, medical treatment is absolutely necessary in order to save your pooch's life.

Under no circumstances should you give your dog over-the-counter cold medication as most types can be harmful to animals. Your vet will provide you with any necessary, safe medication.

Pasadena native Sam Salvati is the adoring dog dad to Pablo, Ester and Farris. He enjoys keeping abreast of and writing about the latest developments in pet care.