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Why Professional Dog Grooming Is Necessary

by Sam Salvati - 10/07/20

Although pet owners can teach themselves dog grooming basics, they will never be able to achieve the same level of thoroughness and quality as a professional dog grooming service can.

Here's why you should use professional grooming as opposed to dog grooming at home.


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As trained professionals, hired groomers have loads of experience. More experience leads to a better eye and more knowledge in general. After going to grooming school, professionals are bound to be better for your dog than a self-taught groomer.

Superior Use of Their Professional Dog Grooming Supplies

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For a self-taught groomer, all the dog grooming tools may look like they have similar functions. However, as professionals know, certain tools are better for certain cuts or situations. Professional groomers know that a dog with aggravated skin will need a different grooming tool than other dogs.

Drying is another aspect of grooming that is affected by non-professionals. Basic blow-drying or towel-drying does not fluff our dogs' hair like a groomer can. With specialized drying tools, professionals can maximize our dogs' fluffiness.

These subtleties can go unnoticed to untrained groomers but can make a huge difference in your dog's health and cleanliness.

They Have a Trained Eye for Irregularities

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While professionals go through the process of grooming a dog, they meticulously scan and scrub every part of the dog's body. Having washed many dogs, they will notice when something looks off. Despite lacking medical training, if your dog has an irregular blemish or bump that you missed, the groomer will notice it and notify you.

If your groomer points out an issue with your dog, take your pup to the vet as soon as you can.

They Can Handle Misbehaving Dogs

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We all have experienced a rowdy reaction to a bath from our dog. Although typically your dog may act out away from home, many dogs react better to professional washes than they do to in-house washes. Professional groomers know how to handle anxious dogs who are resistant to a bath.

Pasadena native Sam Salvati is the adoring dog dad to Pablo, Ester and Farris. He enjoys keeping abreast of and writing about the latest developments in pet care.