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Highest Approval

Our partner clinics are approving 2x more clients using Scratch than they were with other programs.

No Long-Term Contracts

Starting accepting Scratch in minutes; no monthly fees, setup fees, cancellation fees, or processing minimums.

Funds Sent Same Day

We send funds the same business day you confirm usage & funds arrive in your account within 2 business days.

No Staff Time

Clinics love Scratch because no staff time is needed to help customers apply, or to run a credit card number.

Simple Transparent Pricing

Just one fee no matter which plan your client chooses, and we donate 1% of our revenue to help animals in need.

Live Support

We are here when you need us all hours of the day. Call, email, text or chat.

Know what you pay

One simple (and low) fee for all transactions. 


Transaction Fee

Regardless of the Payment Plan.

 No Signup Fee

  No Card Processing Fee

 No Monthly Fee

 No liability if client defaults

1% donated to pets in need

we donate 1% of our revenue to 501c3 companies that provide free services to pets in need

How do we compare?

See for yourself, there's no comparison
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Approval Rate Scratch partner clinics are approving 2x more clients using Scratch than they were with other programs. Other programs make sure their average borrower has a credit score of 710 or higher. That's great for them, but not for you or your customers!
Cost to Veterinarians 5% regardless of the plan your client chooses. No sign-up, monthly, or card processing fees. Funds sent the business day you confirm usage. Expensive! $2,500 set-up fee, $299 per month and/or 5-13% transaction fees, and/or hidden fees ... when they claim their program to be free. Hard to tell when funds are sent.
Hardware, Software and Staff Requirements NONE! No hardware or software required, and no need to login to an additional portal either. It's just that simple. Special hardware solutions that require desk space and trainings. Portals that require staff to manage, and credit cards that require staff time to process.
Reliability (Downtime) We do not go down in the middle of the night for updates ... in fact we never go down for updates. We are always here for you, your customers, and their pets. Other programs often have system downtime for "updates", and are nonfunctional for hours (often in the middle of the night ... when you can't contact their customer support either)
Quality of Payment Plan Options We customize our plans to fit the pet owner. This is why we can approve more customers AND provide multiple plan options. This is also why pet owners love us. Other programs generally only offer a "one-size-fits-all" product. This is why they decline so many applicants AND why their customers write such nasty things about them on Yelp.
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