Frequently Asked Questions

Does this affect my credit score in any way?
The interest rates on the website are a range. When will I get an exact number?
Do you link up with my bank account? Are payments made automatically or do I need to pay manually?
Does Scratchpay pay the practice immediately, and then I pay Scratchpay in installments with interest?
What happens if I miss a payment?
What if I can't make an upcoming payment?
Can I make additional payments or prepay my whole loan?
Do I have to use one of your listed practices? Can I suggest a practice?
How many medical bills can I use Scratchpay for? Can I put every practice visit on Scratchpay?
What bills can I get covered with Scratchpay? Are your payment plans only with veterinary care?
Can I pay my Scratchpay bills by check?
How do I contact Scratchpay?
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