5 reasons to get kitten insurance

What’s not to love about kittens?

Their tiny noses, fuzzy paws and affectionate nature make us want to cuddle with them all day, but their high energy and independent ways could give any pet parent anxiety.

As your curious kitten precariously balances on top of a cabinet or windowsill, you may wonder, “Should I get cat insurance for my kitten?” Well, of course you should consider insurance for your kitten!

Let’s explore the top 5 reasons why pet insurance is worth getting as soon as you bring your new kitten home.

1. Kittens are curious and accident-prone Kittens are entertaining to watch as they play and discover their new home, but their curiosity also increases their risk for accidents and injuries. Small in stature, they also tend to be clumsy and don’t always land on their paws. Falling from high places, lacerations and foreign body ingestion are just a few of the common kitten issues.

You can try to keep your kitten out of trouble with some hangouts that are specifically designed for them.

2. Kittens have immature immune systems Kittens are more susceptible to illness than older cats because they have an immature immune system. While the kitten is exposed to new sights, smells, and maybe new pets, their immune system may not be fully prepared to defend against disease-causing agents like viruses.

Whether your kitten is from a trusted breeder, shelter, friend or family member, the journey to your home can be additionally stressful, further weakening the kitten’s immune system.

Common Kitten Illnesses include:

  • Gastrointestinal parasites
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Ringworm
  • Ear mites
  • Flea infestation

3. Kittens can have congenital and breed-specific conditions Just like with humans, some kittens can have a congenital or breed-specific disease. Congenital conditions are abnormalities in the size, shape and function of various body parts. These conditions may be present at birth or breed-specific.

Breed-specific conditions are a result of specific genes that were passed down from the parents. From brachycephalic syndrome and blindness to heart defects and hernias, the congenital or breed-specific issues may show side effects at any point in your kitten’s life.

4. Pet insurance coverage can start early You should protect your kitten with Fetch by The Dodo pet insurance when your kitten is 6 weeks old and maintain your coverage throughout their entire life. Cats can live for 15-20 years – a lot can happen in that time! By protecting your pet early, you’re ensuring they can get the best treatment whatever comes their way.

5. Comprehensive pet insurance can be customizable to fit your budget The average cost of unexpected veterinary care for dogs and cats is between $800-$1,500. Even if you have dedicated a savings account to your kitten, a bill that size exceeds your savings, especially if you just started saving.

The cost of your pet insurance premium is dependent on where you live, the breed of your kitten and your pet’s age. Fetch pet insurance allows you to customize your pet’s policy so you can get the pet insurance coverage you need and the premium that works best for you. In addition to kitten proofing your home, you should make sure your new family member is protected from the unexpected.