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What to Do If My Dog Has Worms

by Sam Salvati - 07/10/20

As a disease that no dog parent wants to deal with but many dogs have, worms in dogs should be understood by all dog parents. Here’s what to expect if your dog has worms.

How Do Dogs Get Worms?

Due to dogs' love for digging around outside, dogs of all ages can become infected with these intestinal parasites, and the worms can get passed from dog to dog a number of ways. Therefore, it's important to deworm your pup as often as possible.

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Symptoms of Worms in Dogs

The most common dog worms are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. If you ever see worms in dog poop, they are going to be tapeworm eggs. The other types of worms are invisible to the eye.

The most common side effects of worms in dogs are diarrhea and vomiting. Newborn pets may also have a potbellied appearance if they are infected with intestinal parasites.

Coccidia and giardia are non-worm parasites that can mimic the symptoms of dog worms.

How to Get Rid of Worms in Dogs

Fortunately, dog worm treatment is not too difficult and very effective. You can purchase dewormer at most pet stores, but you should still wait to use it until you're under the supervision of your vet, so that the treatment is used properly.

If the medication is administered correctly, you will see worms in your dog's feces. Make sure to dispose of these quickly to prevent more infections. If you have a young puppy, continue giving your pooch dewormer every few weeks.

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Dog Worm Prevention

You should schedule an annual fecal test to prevent any worm infection and to catch a pre-existing one.

If you frequently take your dog to parks, daycare, or a boarding facility, use dewormer every month.

Also, keep in mind that worms can infect humans as well as dogs. Schedule a visit to your physician if you or your family members have shown any signs of an intestinal infection.

Pasadena native Sam Salvati is the adoring dog dad to Pablo, Ester and Farris. He enjoys keeping abreast of and writing about the latest developments in pet care.